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Clay Blaker Interview with Paul Leslie
July 7, 2023

My in-depth interview hosted by Paul Leslie debuts today on and after that you can watch it any time on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, iHeart Radio, and Audible.

I’m honored to be Paul’s 900th guest since his show started 19 years ago. Paul has interviewed such celebrities as Willie Nelson, Woody Allen, Dick Cavett, Charley Pride, Jeff Bridges, Larry King and hundreds of others.

Congratulations to Paul for this milestone 900th show and many thanks for letting me be a part of it.

New Album by Kenny Orts
August 18, 2020

Popular Texas entertainer and recording artist Kenny Orts has just released a new album called “My Hometown”. I’m proud to say that one of the songs Kenny included is one that I wrote with Jim Lauderdale called “It’s Only Cause You’re Lonely”. The album is a wonderful collection of heartfelt songs, most of which were written by Kenny himself. If you are a fan of real country music you should definitely check this out folks.

New Album by Dos Borrachos,
November 15, 2019

Texas music icons Kevin Fowler and Roger Creager have teamed up to form Dos Borrachos and have recorded an album of the same name to be released on November 15, 2019. They included a song that I wrote with Tommy Conners and Roy Hurd, “Brown Eyes of Mexico,” that I also recorded on my album “Welcome to the Wasteland.”

They sent me a pre-release copy of the album and it’s full of great songs. Their version of “Brown Eyes of Mexico” is spot on.

It’s a must-have record for any Texas Music- or Country Music-fans to have in their collection.

Congratulations to Kevin and Roger for this milestone recording and many thanks for including our song.

New Video “We Must Be Loving Right”
August 7, 2019

I’d like to announce the release today of my new video “We Must Be Loving Right.” It’s a song I wrote with my good friend and songwriting buddy, Roger Brown. Roger and I had this song recorded by George Strait on his album “Easy Come Easy Go,” that won album of the year at the CMA awards and the ACM awards. Barbra Streisand also recorded it on her album, “A Love Like Ours” and Johnny Mathis put it on his album “Let it Be Me.” But this video is of my recording of the song from my album “Rumor Town.” The video commemorates the 20th anniversary re-release of that album and also my dad and mom’s recent 72nd wedding anniversary. You can find the video at my channel on YouTube or on my official Facebook page. I hope you enjoy the video.

“The Lost Nashville Session” is Now Available
June 21, 2019

I’d like to let everyone know about my new EP that has been released today, the “Lost Nashville Session.”

In my 30-year span of making music and writing songs, before moving to Bocas del Toro, Panama in 2003, I recorded many singles, albums and song demos. Every recording was done in my home state of Texas, using my own band, except for my album “What a Way to Live,” which was recorded in Holland, and also one session that I did in Nashville, TN.

The Nashville session came about when my manager at the time, Claudia Kemmerer, was trying to get me a record deal with a major label. We’d been turned down by a couple of other labels who said I was too country or too rough around the edges. Hilarious, right?

Anyway, Claudia and I thought it worth a shot to do a session in Nashville, using a Nashville producer and Nashville session musicians. We ended up working with a young producer named Billy Herzig, who came highly recommended and was a fellow Texan. Billy and I decided not to cut any of my songs but to look for songs from other writers. Once we found three songs that we loved, Billy booked the studio and the session musicians and we did the recording. All of us were happy how the session turned out and had high hopes that one of the labels would like it enough to sign me. Wrong. Still too country and rough around the edges. Oh well. My copy of the session ended up in my closet and later when we moved to Panama, somehow it got lost in the shuffle.

A few weeks ago, my good friend Hermann Lammers-Meyer, who leads a great band in Germany called the the Emsland Hillbillies, and also has a weekly radio broadcast, sent me the playlist for his upcoming show. While reading through his playlist, lo and behold it said: Rare single by Clay Blaker, “Deep Down Broken Hearted.” That was one of the songs we’d recorded in the Nashville session.

I immediately wrote Hermann a private message asking if he had a copy of the whole session and he said he did. My manager Claudia had sent it to him years and years before. About fifteen minutes later, Hermann sent me MP3 files of all three songs and upon listening to them again, I realized how good they sounded and that the session deserved to see the light of day. Voila: my new mini-EP, “The Lost Nashville Session.”

Starting today, it is available for downloading or streaming on all your favorite sites, including over 300 sites worldwide.

Folks, if your bag is stone-cold country, this is right up your alley. If it’s not your thing, download it or stream it anyway. I just might convert you. Thanks for listening.

New Release “The Lost Nashville Session”
June 16, 2019

I’d like to let you all know that I have another recording coming out on June 21, 2019. It’s a mini-EP of three songs that I recorded in Nashville years ago that was never released to the public because the tapes were lost. Strangely, the tapes resurfaced a month or so ago and I’ve been in the process of doing artwork and liner notes for the EP to be released commercially on the internet. Stay tuned … I’ll have more information on the 21st.

New Video “Rumor Town”
April 18, 2019

To commemorate the recent 20th anniversary re-release of my album “Rumor Town,” I have a new video coming out today, simultaneously, on my YouTube channel and my facebook pages. It’s the title song to the album and describes what it can be like growing up in a small town. The video features my family, including my parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and a few friends in the 1950s in Almeda, Texas. I hope you enjoy the video.

20th Anniversary of Album “Rumor Town”
December 12, 2018

Today is the 20th anniversary re-release date of my album “Rumor Town.” It is available in CD format at Cactus in Houston, Waterloo in Austin, and other notable record stores in Texas and the U.S. My other CDs are in the stores as well. You can also mail-order all my CDs by writing . Besides “Rumor Town,” Armando has my albums “Sooner or Later,” “Laying it All on the Line,” and “Welcome to the Wasteland.” It is $12 for the first CD, shipping included, and $10 for each additional CD. This is a great deal, folks! Order now!

New Page Added to Website
December 1, 2018

Today we’ve added another page to my website called “Latest News.” The page will feature personal notes from me, letting everyone know about upcoming events, videos, new music releases, new media articles and other happenings. If you check in to this page on a regular basis, you’ll be sure not to miss out on anything. Thanks so much for all your interest and support.